Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bits an Bobs

Loads of problems with internet connections lately, speed has dropped from a usable level to a miserable 1.3Mb/s with all sorts of funnies happening at times making any use of the internet hopeless, TalkTalk support appear incapable of correcting the situation which is external to my system and all started happening when they introduced stupid DLM.
Probably have to change ISP and get fibre connected, that means being under contract again Grrrr!

Girl in the Red Hat
Just working on  an old painting that I started years ago and left unfinished for some reason, its still needs some work but perhaps coming along ok, think the legs are a bit too long though? 

"Jurassic"  (below) is a painting I did not long ago, its an imaginary ScFi painting, a small oil on hardboard,the steps are shown.

Jurasic painting

Sorting through a pile of old paintings recently I came across this painting of a Lancaster bomber that I painted around the last year of the last century, its an oil on canvas board 24" x 18",somehow I had forgotten all about it. Anyway on the back was pasted a copy of the poem I wrote that had in fact inspired the painting.

World War two and there I was born right in the middle of it, don't remember much mind, I do remember the searchlights playing great beams across the night sky, and rationing and ration books as that went on for a long time afterwards. 
Fifty thousand of the guys that flew those missions never came home, most never got any recognition for the dangerous job they were asked to do as the politicians distanced themselves from the wholesale city bombing that they themselves had ordered, bloody typical! 

Lancaster bomber over the clouds

The Bomber

Up above the clouds where the air is cold
That stage on which our story is told
Of young men of our country's best
Who when called to war stood to the test
Engines blazing they took to the sky
A few hours to know if to live or to die
Each man prayed to the god he new
Thought of his loved ones, prayed he'd come through

Soon they passed over the enemy coast
Where the flak came fierce from an unwelcoming host
Lit the skies like the fires of hell
made the crate buck like a boat in a swell
Searchlights probed like fingers of doom
If caught in the beam death would come soon
some were hit exploding in flame
fell from the sky like fiery rain

Their luck held out as they passed through the flak
Then the fighters above zoomed in to attack
Machine guns manned and roared into life
as they fought their way through that terrible strife
More planes went down on that fateful night
The enemy too as they harried the flight
Then the fighters backed off as they ran low on fuel
A brief respite as they ended the duel

The squadron had scattered now had to regroup
but many were lost from that valiant troop
Their duty to do they flew on through the night
through dangers anew to the target sight
The Bomber commanded, now ordered the flight
Again came the flak as they dropped down in height
Bomb doors lowered they started their run
Death rained down and the job was done

Now turn for home more danger to come
from fighters and guns more planes would succumb
So they scattered the flight, each made its own way
The last crossed the channel at break of day
Their landing was dire with parts shot to bits
But they made it al'right with some swearing at Fritz
debriefing was short for the crew needed rest
Home again until the next quest.
                                                                                                                  Rob Ward

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