Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Well the general election! What a fiasco! Leaving aside the minority parties we have the two main combatants, Labour and the Tories.
The Tories who at the start of the campaign were way out in the lead only just managed to scrape their way to government, due though only to the support of a few northern Ireland Mp's. Unbelievably during the campaign they went out of their way to alienate voters by producing a punishing manifesto? A party manifesto is supposed to encourage folks to vote for you, I wonder what part of that they didn't understand? Quite Barmy!
Labour/marxist on the other hand promised a golden future for everyone except the rich ( As I'm not rich, well very nice, but yea pull the other one I've heard all that before!) by spending hundreds of billions on every issue under the sun, though quite where they would get that massive amount of cash from without bankrupting the country appeared to be as much a mystery to them as it was to everyone else.
Still in the divided “La La Land” that's modern Britain a great part of the electorate swallowed their pie in the sky promises wholesale!
So there we have it, not much to choose between any of them, and now the arena is set for every loony of any party who has an issue to cause chaos, and there's no doubt that they will!

 Ah well rant over.

Passed a few hours lately painting stuff mainly to please myself, usually just stuff that entered my addled brain at the time and with no constraints so got quite a few done.

This is a totally imaginary scene that may or may not have happened during WW2 it depicts two Mosquito bombers destroying a bridge in enemy territory. Painted in oil on a 19x17 inch board, my original intention was to paint a single Mosquito bomber soaring in the clouds, however as usual with me the drawing progressed to what you see and I decided to go with it.
The Dehavilland   Mosquito was made mainly out of wood and was known as the "Wooden wonder" as such it was incredibly light which coupled with twin Merlin engines made it fast and maneuverable.
There were two main versions, a heavily armed aircraft with cannon used mainly against enemy shipping, the other a dedicated bomber that carried no defensive weaponry, relying instead on speed and maneuverability to avoid the enemy.

This is the first stage, the initial drawing is carried out as usual with red pastel pencil which makes it much easier to alter (or rub out altogether and start again if necessary), the outline is then gone over in diluted Acrylic, usually one of the earth colours. This dries quickly so the pastel can then be rubbed off and a pale wash, in this case acrylic "light red", all over the canvas.

Second stage, painting has started with oil paint thinned just with turps.

Second stage completed

Painting has started with undiluted oil paint, not satisfied with the explosion part I scrubbed it out to start again.

Half way through final stage.

Mosquito aircraft
Completed painting.


  Got quite a few more diverse and varied paintings carried out recently, not got around to processing the photos yet, perhaps next blog.

The Ancient Earth

One morning walking the deserted shore
I beheld the wild night had downed a section of high bank
blocking the beach, laying open parts not seen before
pebbles smoothed round in some ancient river or sea
millions of years buried in darkness once more bought to light
Humbled by Earths ancient lineage on sight of that fallen scree
I stood transfixed by that new beach dam
considered the eons that had gone before
vast it was compared to the dominion of man
how new our Earthly realm to that ancient Earthly lore
to the Earth we are newly arrived strangers
the fabled horsemen, bringers of pestilence and war
but the Earth is used to such destruction
having been so many times and more
when we are gone it still will be

Rob Ward 2017

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