Friday, August 25, 2017

Bits an Peices

Wow don't time fly, been a long time since the last blog post, summer walks, DIY etc, also had the house up for sale with all that entails, took it off the market now, waste of time the as the loony council's flooding the area with planning permission for hundreds of new builds. 

Still, I don't know why I blog, its like talking to yer self, do a lot of that though so what the heck!

Found out my website host Moonfruit had been taken over (by Yellow Pages I think) so no more freebie websites and the charges have shot up so much that next year I have to pay more for less. 
I built my first Art website in the nineties with  html1 (just html then) and notebook, it was called "Timeserpent" and hosted on the free 50m/byte space allocated by internet provider "Freeserve" it worked surprisingly well, but that was was years ago. 
This time I installed a local server (Wamp) on the pc and built a trial website with WordPress,  also tried a couple of cms progs but neither result floated my boat.   
So now I'm busy brushing off the rust and genning up on html5 and Java script to build a new site and perhaps get it hosted on Go daddy or some such.

Britain's going more La La every day, dunno what my old dad would have said about it, he died in 1970 and today's Britain is far removed from the Britain of those days,  common sense appears to have curled up and died somewhere in between then and now.  A copper was recently awarded £12000 because he was bitten by a flea! A school teacher got thousands when she slipped on something squidgy in the dinner hall! Those are just the tip of this daft compensation iceberg, even prisoners are at it!
Bloody hell I could have made a fortune during my working life, got blown up, electrocuted, burnt, car crashed etc etc, and all I got was “you daft bugger you should be more careful !” Very true though, but just what did happen to being responsible for your own actions?
Dangerous times we live in, very dangerous.

Anyway started quite a few paintings but finished very few of them, due mainly to lots of inconsiderate things like those above appearing out of the mists of sods law, also crap like the old Dell PC I use in the studio and also write this on, one sunny morning the dam thing refused to switch on and despite dire threats with a big hammer it just sat there with the Orange light of death flashing. 
After spending several frustrating hours trying all I could think of without the slightest success I decided tentatively that it might be a Power supply fault, even though the volts all measured ok, took it apart and DUHH!
there it was, a blown Cap! searched the scrap box and found one that was nearly the same and its been good ever since, except that is for win 7 problems, but that's another story (oh how I hate Microsoft!)

Here area couple of paintings that I've finished.

A small landscape of cliff houses in Little Haven, Pembrokeshire, oil on canvas board 12x10 inch.

The painting was completed by first drawing the scene 
then completing in one session (no under painting)

And another that I've called “Sat down beside her” an imaginary scene an imaginary girl in imaginary woods. Oil on board 12x10 inch.

This painting was intended to be simply a woodland scene, but as usual with imaginary paintings things got added.

And here are some unfinished ones.

An unfinished Rose and flower painting, long way to go yet, its oil on mdf 20x16 inch.

No intention of reality with these flower paintings, the aim is for a colorful composition, more will be added towards the top right hand corner, and then perhaps some glazing to add depth. 

This is another imaginary painting, only in the first stages so it might change dramatically, again oil on 12x10 canvas board.

Don't know what this will eventually turn out to be, could be major changes, but then maybe not. 
( The girls right forarm isn't missing she is supposed to be holding something, quite what she is holdings is at present with the Gods) 

Been challenged to paint a copy of “Mona Lisa”, how it will turn out and how it will look remains to be seen, dunno why I get myself into these things! 
Shown is the first rough under painting, Oil on board 15x11 inch.

Perhaps it will work, I hope so but one thing is certain, it won't be anywhere near what Leonardo initially painted as the few hundred years in between has certainly faded and darkened some of the colors he used.   

A bit of "Nonsense" wot I rote!

Portrait Painter

Oh I am a painter
I paint the whole day through
If you give me a retainer
I'll paint  a picture of you.
It may not make you vainer
But please don't try to sue
Cos I can make it plainer
If you get me in a stew.
I'll make your hair less tamer
Your eyes will get a skew
Your ears will cover an acre
Your lips I see as blue
Your nose I'll make a flamer
With the texture of fondue.
Oh I hope your no complainer
when I paint a picture of you!

Rob Ward 2016


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